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Emma UT Austin photoEllen Cocanougher, University of Texas at Austin

“Every university needs a student-led movement because that empowers other students to be courageous.”



All Students for Consent, Whitman College

“Our big goal is to recognize the way sexual scripting happens in the United States. We live in a rape culture and the ways in which we script our sexual interactions (re)perpetuates that.”


AbrahimHeadShot (1)Fayise Abrahim, University of Oregon and Amherst College

“Our activist movements are not free of perpetrators. What happens when activists perpetuate violence? We need to be attuned to that as a reality. It’s really difficult and hard and sad. But I think when we’re all collectively growing and educating ourselves, and learning more about the different ways our experiences intersect, the safer our world will be.”

IXCarla Guzman, Fayetteville State University

“The most important piece of advice I got during this whole experience was never be afraid to change your mind. Own your story and frame your story. Do whatever is best for you and remember to take care of yourself!”


sarah_king-3Sarah King, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Student media has the ability to shape and create meaningful conversations in a way that national media doesn’t because the campus community is suddenly much more cognizant that this is not just a them problem; it becomes an us problem that can no longer be ignored.”


aks headshot-1Anna Knecht Schwarzer, CalArts

“The movement happening at CalArts is the same movement being fought on campuses around the country, in domestic abuse shelters, in community gatherings, and in the bedrooms of people practicing communication, respect, and care with each other.”


IMG_20140716_052915Princess Harmony, Temple University

“I’d like to see more disruptive activism that targets the functions of school administration. If the school were unable to do its job, it might notice survivors and listen to us more.”


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.06.35 AMJohn Kelly, Tufts University

“If I as a white (queer) person am not seen as the ideal-type victim in a way that silences my story, we can assume what is happening to survivors of color, undocumented survivors, and other queer people.”


1522898_10201214297031458_1802295498_oSavannah Badalich, UCLA

“We put on events—but the campaign isn’t really a campaign by one organization. I think of it as a coalition. You have your survivor groups but you also have cultural groups. You have athletic groups…. And so, we reached out saying, ‘We want to talk about sexual assault in your communities and ways in which we can address it, and we don’t know your community.'”


Landen Gambill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I knew that my going public was what the school was most afraid of…. One of my favorite quotes is from Frederick Douglass: ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.'”


photo - Version 2

Jasmine Lester, Arizona State University

“I hope all this attention will pressure [ASU] to do the right thing because everyone is looking at them, but I wish they would do the right thing because they want to.”


Zoe Columbia-2

Zoe Ridolfi-Starr, Columbia University

“People are willing to go to bat for each other. We’re not just here to fight against a common enemy but also to nourish ourselves.”



10173800_306785652807201_2280497795655445924_n - Version 2

Our Harvard Can Do Better, Harvard University

“We need universities to think of victims not as liabilities but as active members of the community whose needs must be respected.”



IXEmma, Brown University




IXChelsea Carrick, Barnard College