Dealing With…

What else should you know when you are reporting violence or organizing against campus abuse? We asked survivors and activists across the country this question, and they’ve written up, based on their own experiences, the advice they wish they’d had before they started. Check out the links below, and if you’d like to write up a “Dealing with…” article, email us a


Finding a lawyer
Economic ramifications of gender-based violence
Student loans
Financial Aid

Emotional Support:

Building a support network after violence, harassment, or abuse
Unsupportive peers
Unsupportive parents
A flood of stories from other survivors
Frustration with the conclusion of your legal complaint
Surviving intimate partner violence
Activist burn-out and self-care

Your School:

School retaliation
University-issued no contact orders
Surviving violence in secondary school


Being misrepresented in the media
Feeling exposed

Identity and Discrimination:

Intramovement and administrative racism
Homophobia as a survivor
Transphobia as a survivor
Being a religious survivor
Skepticism of male survivors