Know Your IX’s Speakers

Know Your IX Activist Kate Sim (left) speaking at Harvard.

Know Your IX Activist Kate Sim (left) speaking at Harvard.

Bring us to your campus, conference, or training!

Our speakers are dynamic, passionate activists who have been leaders in the struggle to end sexual and dating violence on college campuses. We speak at all kinds of events, from conferences to sit-ins, and our speakers are all current students or recent graduates. In the past, Know Your IX organizers have presented at a number of universities – including Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, Pepperdine Law School, Columbia University, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, the University of Chicago, and Western Illinois University – as well as at Generation Progress’s, Futures Without Violence’s, and Planned Parenthood’s annual conferences. Two Know Your IX organizers have testified before the United States Senate.

We offer keynotes, trainings, workshops, and panels on a variety of topics for students, advocates, and other audiences. You can find a list of content we offer regularly below. Additionally, we’re always open to creating a customized workshop or speaking program to meet the needs of your group – just let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll work together to create it!

  • Know Your Rights, Know Your IX: A primer on our rights as students
  • Our Rights, Our Campus: Learning the law, developing demands, and reclaiming our campuses
  • Media Matters: Leveraging media to break the silence and change our campuses
  • Changing Laws, Changing Minds: Taking action to change city/state laws
  • The Story of Know Your IX and Carry That Weight: How survivors launched national campaigns and inspired a movement [for non-student groups]
  • The Campus Anti-Violence Movement(s): Struggles, strategies, and successes [for non-student groups]

If you are interested in bringing us to your campus or conference, please contact us at