Founded in 2013, Know Your IX is a survivor- and youth-led project of Advocates for Youth that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools. We envision a world in which all students can pursue their civil right to educations free from violence and harassment. We recognize that gender violence is both a cause of inequity and a consequence of it, and we believe that women, transgender, and gender non-conforming students will not have equality in education or opportunity until the violence ends. We draw upon the civil rights law Title IX as an alternative to the criminal legal system — one that is more just and responsive to the educational, emotional, financial, and stigmatic harms of violence.

We support the choices survivors make — whether or not to report, and to whom to report — and recognize that these choices are particularly difficult because our laws and communities offer a severely limited set of options for survivors. Given the tremendous flaws and violence of the criminal justice system, we celebrate Title IX’s potential to create effective anti-carceral responses to serious harms while recognizing that this promise has not yet been realized.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Educating college and high school students in the United States about their legal rights to safe educations free from gender-based harms;
  • Training, organizing, and supporting student survivor activists in challenging their educational institutions to address violence and discrimination;
  • Advocating for policy change at the campus, state, and federal levels to ensure meaningful systemic action to end gender violence.
  • Read our full statement of values here.

A very special thanks to:

Our contributors

Schuyler Daum, Pearl Bhatnagar, Emma Cohen, Hope Brinn, Ali Safran, Quitterie Gounot, Jasmine Lester, Dorothy Gray, Carolyn Luby, Swati Rayasam, Andrea Pino, Annie E. Clark, Amee Wurzburg, Maryum Jordan, Angie Epifano, Yana List, Sarah Tedesco, Amanda Wingle, Kate Orazem, Joe Breen, Alison Gover, Kumar Ramanathan, Miriam Hauser, Alex Flanagan, Molly Labell, Nusrat “Jerin” Arifa and many others who wished to remain anonymous

Expert Guidance

Laura Dunn, Alison Kiss, S. Daniel Carter, Diane Rosenfeld, Devi Rao, Lara Kaufman, Fatima Goss-Graves, Anne Hedgepeth, Sandra Park

Organizational Support

The IX Network, American Association of University Women, the Harvard Law School Gender Violence Clinic, the Clery Center for Security on Campus, the National Women’s Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, SurvJustice, Futures Without Violence, OSAC, SCAR, Circle of 6, One Billion Rising, Feministing

Our Generous Donors

Rino Turri, Maya Shwayder, Emily Musil Church, Wanda Genova, Megan Kratz, Mary Glanville, Jennifer Berenson, Liz Schutt, Anya Jabour, Sarah Gutman, Bruce Bishop, Candice Marshall, Linnsey Miller, Fiona Matthews, Michele Beaulieux, Vicky Plestis, Jessica Moldovan, Sari Forshner, Casey Hogle, Becca Savoy, Sarah Tomchesson, Marina Read Weiss, Sharon Ryals Tamm, Weiyi Guo, Katherine Howell, Trish Sperling, Craig Thiry, Elizabeth Brody, Jessica Marcrum, Matthew Kleist, Nancy Shoemaker, Evelyn Pino, Celia La, Matthew Lewis, Aimee King, Shreena Gandhi, Leslie Cavagnero, Wagatwe Wanjuki, Eryn Rosenblum, Lauren Hoerr, Bjorn Samuelsson, Jeremy Adler, Jeannine M James, Kerry Edinger Snodgrass, Amee Wurzburg, Yana List, Katrina Bossert, Jacqueline Feldman, Matthew D Fernald, Stephanie Ochoa, Alexandra Natale, Sharna Bremner, Anniella Klang Fält, Abigail Bereola, Shannon OLeary, Shannon Bergeron, Kenneth Reveiz, Simon Chaffetz, Rebecca Altes, Kumar Ramanathan, Jordan Laris Cohen, John A. Cargo, Ben Gerondale, Hope Brinn, Ezra Berger, Martha Stevens, Jerry Stevens, Suzanne Richiardone, Natassia Rodriguez, Nyamagaga Gondwe, Sarah Galos, Mindy, “The Miniskirt,” Marian Cieslak, Joseph K Carlsmith, Veronica Wells, Cate Domino, Laura Beth Nielsen, Josie Campbell, Aurelia Alston, Vicki Bolger, Jessica Ben Ami, Kelly Mirto, Roger Boudiette, Marena Groll, Tilton Kathryn, Charlotte Dye, Claire M Biggs, Andrea Calderwood, Jordan Calabrese, Megan Ybarra, Ariella Tabaac, and many more!

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