As President Biden said, “[a]ny backstepping on Title IX is unacceptable.” That’s why we demand that the Department of Education take action immediately to support the rights of student survivors who are living with the real life consequences of DeVos’s Title IX rule — and their school’s apathy toward their safety and education — each and every day.

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, join us in a month of action to demand that #EDActNow to:

  1. Rescind and rewrite DeVos’ Title IX rule.
  2. Issue interim guidance or enforcement documents.
  3. Conduct a listening tour with student survivors to ensure the new rule is informed by those most impacted. 
  4. Update the case processing manual (CPM) to ensure survivors can file complaints when their rights are violated

Below are our action plans for the month of April. We can’t wait for you to join us. But first, sign our petition to demand #EDActNow

Week One: #INeedIX because…  

Join us to show the Department of Education (ED) why survivors need ED to start rescinding DeVos’ Title IX rule and take immediate action to support survivors under Title IX by: 

1) Tweeting why #INeedIX at Education Secretary Cardona and demanding #EDActNow 


  • Dear @SecCardona: #INeedIX because my school refused to enforce my no-contact-order even after my respondent violated it. That’s why I’m demanding #EDActNow to ensure Title IX protects survivors. Join me:
  • Dear @SecCardona: #INeedIX because I shouldn’t be more traumatized by the way my school handles my sexual assault than the assault itself. That’s why I’m demanding #EDActNow to ensure Title IX protects all survivors. Join me:
  • Dear @SecCardona: #INeedIX because I had to change programs to get away from retaliation from faculty. That’s why I’m demanding #EDActNow to ensure Title IX protects survivors. Join me:

2) Printing out this sign and fill in why you need Title IX!

Post a photo of yourself holding the sign on your campus, in your town, or even in your room. Tag the post with #EDActNow and #INeedIX, and don’t forget to tag @SecCardona and @POTUS, and @KnowYourIX (Twitter and TikTok) and @KnowYour9 (Instagram) so we can repost it!

3) Submit a video here telling us why you need Title IX! Video instructions and tips here

4) Share this graphic on your instagram story and fill it out with why you need Title IX! 

Week Two: #EDActNow  

Join us to show ED that student survivors can’t wait and we need IMMEDIATE action! Survivors have been watching for the past four years as Secretary DeVos and her former Department of Education did everything in their power to roll back our rights. We can’t wait any longer. 

Tweet to show Education Secretary Cardona why action on Title IX is urgent and demand #EDActNow 


  • Dear @SecCardona, it’s been 80 days since I reported to my school and my abuser still lives down the hall, that’s why I demand #EDActNow on Title IX. Join me:
  • Dear @SecCardona, I was assaulted 126 days ago and my school still hasn’t given me the accommodations I need to stay in school, that’s why I demand #EDActNow on Title IX. Join me:
  • Dear @SecCardona, it’s been 211 days since I started high school and I’m still scared to report my assault because I don’t think my school will take it seriously. That’s why I demand #EDActNow on Title IX. Join me:
  • Dear @SecCardona, I started organizing for better Title IX protections 6 years ago, but ED has still failed to keep survivors safe. That’s why I demand #EDActNow on Title IX. Join me:
  • Dear @SecCardona, I dropped out of school 200 days ago because my school refused to listen to take my report seriously. That’s why I demands #EDActNow on Title IX. Join me:

Week Three: Share the EDActNow Demands  

We need your help to spread the word and demand that #EDActNow on Title IX. By publishing a letter in your local or campus paper, you can mobilize more folks in your community to demand that the new Department of Education act now to protect students’ right to an education free from violence. Here are two ways you can engage: 

1) Collect signatures on this letter and publish it in your local newspaper. This can be your campus paper or a state paper! 

2) Publish a Letter to the Editor on Title IX in your campus, local, or state paper.

Week Four: #INeedIX Video

Throughout the month, we will be collecting videos from survivors, activists, and allies on why we need immediate action on Title IX. Before the final week, we will share that video with you and share ways you can share the video on your campus and in your community. 

Get involved by submitting your video here