If you are a student who has experienced, or are experiencing, violence or harassment, you may have the right to seek support and justice through your school under a civil rights law called Title IX. Check out our responses to frequently asked questions below to learn more. (Not a student? Click for tips for family members, friends, and teachers.)

Title IX protects all students, faculty and staff in federally funded education programs and activities. If you attend a public elementary or secondary school, your school is subject to Title IX. Title IX also applies to private, parochial, or other schools if they receive federal funding through various programs — or if they are formally affiliated with another school (such as the diocese) that receives some federal funds.

The below resources are intended to help you determine if your school is in compliance with Title IX. Although these resources have been written with the guidance of legal experts, we are not lawyers, and the information on this website does not constitute legal advice. We encourage you to contact a lawyer to discuss your complaint or suit.