Generic Viagra is the best choice for those men who are trying to improve their potency with minimal drug cost and maximum effectiveness. In addition to the savings compared to regular Viagra, buying a generic Sildenafil-based drug from online pharmacies has the advantages of avoiding undesirable close contact with others, which is especially important in light of the coronavirus pandemic, when it is better to minimize your social interactions. In addition, the absence of the need for personal contact with pharmacists and other visitors of the drugstores significantly reduces the level of consumer anxiety, allows him to avoid embarrassment and de-anonymization. Well, and practically the most important advantage of buying a generic Viagra online is that online pharmacies offer a significantly wider range of generics of any drugs for treating erectile dysfunction than regular pharmacies.

Generic Viagra
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Generic Viagra is popular ED treatment

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Cheap Generic Viagra

In most online pharmacies, the prices for Viagra generics are much lower than in offline pharmacies. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to find really cheap options. First of all, take into consideration that the price of generics made in India, Canada or Malaysia is always lower than of those made in the USA or European countries. Their purchase is even more profitable if you make it at an international, Indian or Canadian online pharmacy, and not at one of those that are legally registered in the United States. What to do, the prices in American pharmacies are far from being so democratic.
Also, it should be remembered that when buying a large number of generic Viagra pills, the cost of each is usually lower than if you order only a few pieces. It is most profitable to purchase 100-150 tablets in one order. There is no need to buy 300, 500 or more pills at once, even if the price benefit seems significant to you. The fact is that, with a high probability, the expiration date of the medicine will end earlier than you have time to use it. And taking expired Viagra is categorically not recommended – firstly, it will either work poorly or not work at all, and secondly, you can even get poisoned or experience severe side effects.
Coupons are another way to save money when buying generic Viagra online. They can be found on special websites that post promotional codes, coupons and certificates that can be used to shop both in regular and online pharmacies. They provide one-time discounts for drugs or special delivery conditions: discounts on it or free shipping.

Generic Viagra over The Counter

The question of whether it is possible to buy generic Viagra without a prescription is more than relevant today. Few people are ready to spend money and time on a visit to an urologist, tell him about their problems with erection, put themselves at additional risk of getting infected with coronavirus when visiting a medical institution, and in general, all aspects of the use of Viagra have been studied so long and well that the need to get a prescription this medication is more than formal. Viagra is much more harmless than many of those drugs that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription.

Fortunately, buying Viagra generics over the counter is actually not difficult at all. Most online pharmacies are more than loyal to Viagra’s prescription status. While American or British online pharmacies may still require a scan of the prescription, Indian and Canadian in the vast majority of cases only ask you to tick the box when ordering that you are familiar with the prescription status of the drug. It should be noted that by buying Viagra over the counter, you don’t violate any US laws, because the seller bears all responsibility in this case.

Safe Generic Viagra

It’s no secret that not all customers trust generic Viagra. Some people are hesitant about drugs made by companies other than Pfizer, the original drug patent holder. Their position can be understood: unscrupulous manufacturers of generic drugs for ED are found, albeit infrequently. In order not to collide with their products, it is necessary to buy medicines only from trusted manufacturers. Among them are companies such as Novartis AG, Apotex Inc., Pharmascience Inc. (Canada), Hetero Labs, Cipla Ltd., Ajanta Pharma Ltd., Centurion Laboratories (India) and many others. Their products are safe for health and fully certified. Contact only large pharmacies where the chance of encountering scammers is minimal, and most probably you will never be disappointed with the quality of generic Viagra.