Report Violence or Harassment

If you’re here because you’re looking to report violence and harassment, we’re so sorry to hear that you’re facing this inexcusable abuse. Know Your IX doesn’t have the capacity or training to respond directly to reports, but we’ve compiled some suggestions and resources that can help you to safety and justice.

We’ve broken our advice into four categories based on the type of violation you have faced or are facing: harassment, relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking. However, we understand that these forms of violence overlap and you may face some combination of these threats, so we encourage you to read through all four documents.

We have also included a breakdown of what you can expect when seeking medical care after a sexual assault and when reporting any form of violence to your school.

It may also be helpful to read some of the articles in our “Dealing with” advice section, including “Dealing with a university-issued no contact order” and “Dealing with building a support network after violence, harassment, or abuse.”