Betsy DeVos’ new rule on Title IX has gone into effect, rolling back decades of work done to prevent discrimination in education. The final rule is extremely detrimental to survivors, and we need students to organize at both the campus level and state level to mitigate the harms of the rule.

This school year, Know Your IX will be utilizing our Campus Action Network (IX-CAN) to push proactive bills at the state level to protect student survivors. IX-CAN is an online group for students by students to connect with activists across the country to discuss organizing strategies, policy ideas, and critical legislation to end gender-based violence and discrimination in schools.

We’re looking for passionate and driven students with policy or organizing experience to act as Know Your IX State Ambassadors, point-people who, with the help of the Know Your IX team, will be responsible for organizing student activists in their state to move legislation that protects survivors. This volunteer position is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to deepen their policy and leadership skills while working in coalition with local activists. If you’re interested in leading students in the fight for state legislation that protects survivors, apply today.